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 Do's and Don'ts for posting in NS Column

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Do's and Don'ts for posting in NS Column Empty
PostSubject: Do's and Don'ts for posting in NS Column   Do's and Don'ts for posting in NS Column EmptyTue Jul 24, 2007 9:52 pm

Do's and Don'ts for posting in NS Column

To Prevent Security Breaches
Pls adhere to these guideline to ensure OPSSEC is being controlled.

1. No discussion abt mob date.

2. Nv disclose the training programe

3. Nv release any classified restricted

4. Do not show weapon data

5. Do not discuss about real operations that SAF have gone thru and is doing right now

6. Nv post Key personnels telephone number online

7.Do not post any pictures of maps onto the forum

8.Do not reveal how to identify a special force member

9.Any mishap/accident within army shd not be discussed, only after investigation has been
done, discussion over it may be allowed.

10.Do not reveal which unit is doing ops duties and nv reveal their location.

12. No bad mouthing of senior commanders in SAF is allowed

13.Do not reveal any up coming overseas exercise ( can talk abt past exercise)

14. Do not reveal any operation classifications

15. Keep your adventures to yourselves, no one need to know abt ur drama in camp.

16. Unit Code for mobilisation shd not be disclosed

17. Do not elaborate on how SAF planning is being done

18.There is no need to tell the world if there is any foreign visitor coming to your unit

19. Do not discuss about the threat level ( So as not to alarm the public for no reason)

Follow the above guideline to prevent troubles in this forum.

Information taken from
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Do's and Don'ts for posting in NS Column
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