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 Male and Female

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PostSubject: Male and Female   Male and Female EmptyFri Jul 27, 2007 7:59 pm

Do you know why girls don't keep thier mobiles in shirt pocket?
B'coz can't get signals near hills & mountains.

2. Do you know why boys keep thier mobiles in pant pockets?
B'coz signals are high near the tower....

3. Question: What is the difference between pulling down a curtain and panty??
Answer: When you pull a curtain down, "It means that the show is over".
But, pulling down a panty means "It's show time.

India is our nation;
Girls are our destination,
Flirting is our Profession,
Dating is our Occupation,
to hell with our Education.

Fraud with innocent boys;
Fun with Handsome boys;
Friendship with Smart boys;
Love with Faithful boys;
Marriage with Rich boys.

6. Traveller to co-passenger on seeing her zip open:
"Madam, your lips are laughing". She replied "yeah, it wants a cigarette".

7. A girl and boy sitting alone. The boy started touching the girl.
GIRL: Don't touch me, all this only after marriage...
BOY: OK, call me when you are married.

8. A boy from third class asked his teacher, can a girl of my age have babies?
She said, "What? NEVER"
Boy told the girl sitting next, "See, I told you not to worry".

Thought of the day SEX is like a restaurant, Sometimes you get good service, sometimes you get bad service, sometimes no service and Many times you have to be happy with self-service.
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Male and Female
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