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 do you know about cancer?

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PostSubject: do you know about cancer?   Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:31 pm

ANIMALS protein is the main cause of cancer!cancer patients must consume vegetarian food because meat is acidic and toxic which is the ideals condition for cancer cells to grow!cancer cells grow very fast in the presence of meat as it absorbs nutrients from the meat to grow!lt takes 72 hours to properly digest meat making it easier for cancer cells to absorbs addition nutrients!detox is the best way to cure cancer as our immune system which is the best medicine in the world can fight all kinds of disease when it is free from toxic and functioning at its best!human body is most healthy when it is in a mild alkaline condition!chemotherapy and radiation are extremely harmful to our body as it destroys good and cancer cells at the same time making patients suffering bad side effects!the cancer medicine used is highly toxic and might lead to other forms of cancer many years later if the patients survive the treatment!even cancer doctors seek alternative cancer treatment when they themselves or their love ones suffer from cancer as they are too aware of the horrible side effects of cancer treatments!be kind to animals and your body!take lesser meat or no meat at all to stay healthy!for more info pls visit
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do you know about cancer?
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