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 Some quirky cleaning tips

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PostSubject: Some quirky cleaning tips   Some quirky cleaning tips EmptySun Jul 29, 2007 7:26 pm

* When you're dusting the table lamp next to your sofa, rub a
little vanilla essence around the bulb with a soft cloth. When
the light is switched on, a lovely smell will gently be released.

* Cleaning behind a radiator is tricky and often gets overlooked
altogether. An old sock placed over a broom handle will reach the
parts other cleaners cannot.

* When the artificial coals in your electric fire become faded
and grey, soak a cloth in blackcurrant jelly and rub over the
coals. Leave to dry and they'll come up really glossy again.

* Leave your wastebaskets and bins smelling fresh and sweet by
putting a fabric conditioner sheet in the bottom.

* If you've got moths and like most people you can't stand the
awful smell of mothballs, place conkers or bay leaves in your
wardrobes and drawers.

* To make your clothes smell nice, put an empty perfume of
after-shave bottle amongst your clothes. You can do the same
thing with your dirty laundry basket to keep the pong away until
washing day!

* To absorb smells in any closed closet use a charcoal brick
place in a small muslin bag. Ideal for families with teenage boys!

* To remove sticky-label adhesive wipe the surface with
methylated spirits. Alternatively, sprinkle talcum powder on to
the adhesive and rub with your finger to remove.

Put tin foil under your ironing cover, so you dont have to iron the underside of clothes and

Clean you iron with a paste of salt and vinegar, i tried this and it does work!
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Some quirky cleaning tips
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