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 Dirty mind or not?

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PostSubject: Dirty mind or not?   Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:58 pm

i'm sure you can imagine
it's as simple as it can b
the place is jalan imbi
the people He & She
she whispered, "will it hurt?"
"of course not," he assured her
"it's a very simple process
you can rely on me."
"i'm rather frightened," she said
"i've not done it b4."
he started to convince her
that it will not hurt a bit
and finally she consented
then he started to work on it
its was nearly an hour later
neither spoke a word
it was she who broke the silence
her voice was rather blurred
"now calm urself, my dear," he said
her face betrayed her pain
"just open slightly wider"
"so that i can put it in"
it's getting more than painful
the tears were in her eyes
it's hurting quite a lot
it must b out...thank god
then with a sudden shock
she gave a big shudder
"it's all over now," said she
in a voice that was slightly louder.

now that you have read this carefully
what do u make of it?

>'s a DENTIST you will find
and not what you have been THINKING
it's just your DIRTY MIND
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Dirty mind or not?
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