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 Don't Stop!

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PostSubject: Don't Stop!   Fri Jul 27, 2007 5:00 pm

A mother told her teenage daughter: "If someone sexually harasses you by touching your top part, you must shout "DON'T !". Touching your
low part you must shout "STOP !".

Next day, the daughter came back crying home and told her
mother she was sexually harassed. The mother was so angry and asked her
why "What happened my baby?"

"It was terrible mother,.......sob.......I was in the elevator
when he came in.....and there were just the two of us. Then he touched
my top so I shouted "DON'T"

"That is good", the mother commented

"Then he touched my bottom and I shouted again "STOP!", the girl said wiping her tears.

"What happened then? Did he try to touch you again?", the concerned
mother asked.

"He then touched my top and bottom at the same time and I told him "DON'T STOP!" The mother fainted
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Don't Stop!
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