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 Most unsual Deaths

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PostSubject: Most unsual Deaths   Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:20 pm

1. 458BC: Playwright Aeschylus killed when an eagle drops a live tortoise on him.

2. 207BC: Philosopher Chrysippus dies of laughter after watching a drunk donkey attempt to eat figs.

3. 1327: Edward II of England murdered by having a red-hot iron inserted in his anus.

4. 1478: Duke of Clarence executed by being drown in a barre of wine (at his own request).

5. 1899: French president Felix Faure dies of s troke while recieiving oral sex.

6. 1912: Franz Reichett falls from the Eiffel Tower testing his invention, the coat parachutte.

7. 1941: Writer Sherwood Anderson swallows a toothpick at a party.

8. 1990: NFL coach George Allen suffers pneumonia after his players given him a "Gatorade shower"

9. 2003: Tim Teadwell, bear lover eaten by bears.

10. 2007: Jennifer STrange, dies in a radio station's "Hold Your Wee For A Wii" Contest.
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Most unsual Deaths
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